Periodontal treatments

Stop gum problems in the long term

Unfortunately, many patients suffer from loose teeth, bleeding gums and receding gums. Even optimal home oral hygiene or normal professional prophylaxis cannot help with periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium).

Only an individual treatment concept with extensive nutritional and health advice as well as periodontal therapy with subsequent aftercare can alleviate your symptoms and thus preserve your teeth in the long term.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you and carry out your periodontal treatment with precision and sensitivity.

Under local anesthesia and in a relaxed atmosphere in our practice at Gutweg 2, the biofilm is removed using the latest technology (ultrasound, AirFlow). The water used is preheated to avoid sensitivity to cold.

Periodontitis is not just a chronic inflammation of the mouth, but can have effects on your entire body. Many of the causative bacteria that promote inflammation of the periodontium are also linked to diabetes and an increased risk of heart attack.

With the support of plant-based products, we are often able to carry out your treatment successfully without the administration of antibiotics. Our in-house mouth oils and tooth gels are a perfect addition to your oral hygiene at home.

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