Anesthetic treatments

the most stress-free of all dental treatments

Not only for very anxious patients, but also for dental implants, surgical procedures (wisdom tooth extractions), or extensive dental renovations (fillings/root canal treatments, etc.), we carry out your treatment on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or sedation in our two operating rooms.

Since 2011, we have been working with a competent external team of anesthesiologists who will examine you in detail two weeks before the procedure. We will coordinate appointments for you.

Our anesthetic treatments are carried out by Dr. Oliver Krebes and Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ploder carries out and guarantee you competent treatment together with a perfectly trained team of assistants. Of course, we are available for you after the procedure – even on weekends.

Dr. Oliver Krebes
Hand beim Wasser

Clinical hypnosis

for fear-free & successful treatments

Modern clinical hypnosis is a means of holistically oriented dental and psychotherapeutic treatment with the aim of helping people achieve self-determined mental and physical health.

As a dentist with an ÖÄK diploma for hypnosis and communication, Dr. Burger introduces modern clinical hypnosis and trance:

  • to reduce anxiety and, in particular, to make long treatments more pleasant
  • for painless treatment, even without an injection
  • as an accompanying measure for tension in the chewing muscles and painful jaw joint disorders
  • to enable treatment even in cases of strong gagging reflexes

With the help of hypnosis, conventional healing methods are more successful and pleasant.

Laughing gas

Completely relaxed but fully responsive

Not only for children but also for adults, nitrous oxide offers the opportunity to carry out dental treatment without stress. You will be fully responsive throughout the entire treatment, but the individual adjustment options will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Even severe gagging can be reduced by using nitrous oxide. Following the treatment, you will receive five minutes of pure oxygen via the nasal mask and can then leave the practice alone without any restrictions.

Dr. Oliver Krebes and Dr. Laura Krebes will be happy to advise you on the exact process.

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Book an appointment

Here you have the opportunity to book an appointment with us directly and easily online. This is of course possible for existing as well as new patients and the type of appointment can also be freely selected. Please note that we are elective doctors. Appointments are of course possible for all patients of all health insurance companies.

We look forward to seeing you!