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Our team of specialists and oral surgeons enables you to permanently replace one or more teeth with dental implants or to provide optimal support for your partial or complete dentures. In addition to wisdom tooth removal, our oral surgery department also offers minor surgical procedures, lip or cheek frenum operations, exposure of impacted teeth, biopsies, cyst removal, etc.

You can find more detailed information about dental implants at For dental implants, major surgical procedures or complete dental renovations that require a longer procedure, we offer treatments under sleep or general anesthesia by our specially trained specialist staff.

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“With the experience of 25 years of oral surgery, I carry out various surgical procedures, implantations and wisdom tooth removals. After implantation, it is possible to produce your high-quality, long-term and optimally fitting dentures together with the team of dentists and dental technicians.”

Dentist and oral surgeon, Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ploder

“As the head of dental technology, I am always available to help you with your dentures in-house. Through short distances and in direct communication with you and your treating dentist, I can perfectly adapt the color and shape for the treatment of your implants (implant crowns, bridges or prostheses). “

Dental technician Manuel Schweitzer

Frequently asked questions about dental implants

Dental implants replace the natural tooth root – in form and function. The jawbone grows firmly onto the dental implant so that a new, custom-made dental crown can be attached to it. This technique is based on the perfection of nature.

In addition, a dental implant supports exactly the tooth crown to be replaced – the gap is closed. With this method, grinding of the neighboring teeth, as with conventional bridges, is not necessary. The valuable natural tooth substance remains untouched.

In many situations, dental implants are an ideal solution for anchoring dentures (crowns, bridges and dentures) safely and reliably. Implants are used when a single tooth, several teeth or all teeth are missing.

One of the advantages of treating gaps in teeth is that the neighboring teeth are not affected. These are neither injured nor sanded during an implant restoration, as is the case with a conventional bridge. The valuable natural tooth substance is preserved.

When filling large gaps between teeth and when all posterior teeth are missing, fixed dentures can be used with the help of dental implants. Without this support, the dental technician could only create a removable prosthesis.

In addition, there are many cases in which dental implants can be used to stabilize a removable restoration in the mouth. This increases wearing comfort because the prosthesis has a secure hold.

Dental implants are a long-term investment in your health and quality of life. If you take good care of them, implants can last a lifetime. They are part of you and carry out their work unnoticed, effectively and reliably 365 days a year.

The chewing function is fully restored by dental implants. Dental implants help preserve the jawbone, which would recede without an implant. Implants are the only “real” and “complete” replacement for teeth when teeth are lost.

The costs for implant treatment consist of the fee for surgical, dental and dental technical services. They depend on how complex and extensive the implant treatment is planned.

The added quality of life and structural preservation that you get from dental implants is of long-term value. Compare the costs and long-term benefits with other alternatives.

Bone growth must be complete at the time of implantation. However, the optimal time for implantation after tooth loss is always very individual and depends on the bone situation.

With a normal healing process, the implants will have grown firmly into the bone after about 3-6 months. Your new dental crowns can now be securely attached to it. The dentist exposes the implant “heads” again and temporarily screws small caps into them so that the gums can form properly. A digital SCAN is created of this situation – without any unpleasant impression. This scan serves as the basis for the dental technician to create your dentures. After precise color matching and fitting, the dentures are securely attached to the implants.

Actually not. However, if you suffer from a serious general illness such as cardiovascular disease, have severe kidney damage, have an increased tendency to bleed or have a weakened immune system, you should definitely inform your dentist about this. However, sometimes side effects of medication can also have an impact on the healing process, so please state everything during the initial consultation. Your dentist will advise you about the options so that you can make an individual decision together based on your specific health profile.

After the healing phase, a professionally installed quality implant is more resistant to some influences than the natural tooth root. A prosthetically optimally loaded titanium implant does not break. And it can’t get cavities. With consistent oral hygiene you can also keep the gums and the implant bed healthy. Implants can last your entire life.

In our dental institute we largely use implants made of medical pure titanium. Titanium is highly stable, is well accepted by the body and grows firmly with the bone tissue. It has demonstrated these positive properties not only in dental implantology, but also in many other medical areas, such as joint prosthetics, for decades. The silvery-grey color of titanium is not a disadvantage either, as implants – like natural tooth roots – sit completely in the jawbone and are invisible.

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