Pediatric dentistry

For healthy teeth without worries

Teeth can remain caries-free. In order to maintain this ideal status, we would be happy to advise you. Caries is still the most common chronic disease and is a very underestimated problem with long-term consequences, especially in early childhood.

We therefore recommend that you have a dental consultation and examination with your child from the first milk tooth in our dental institute.

Dr. Laura Krebes will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the topics of oral health, dental care, pacifiers, bottles, fluorides, misaligned teeth and nutrition.

Ein Kind bei der Zahnärztin
Bilderbuch - Kinderzahnmedizin

The visit to the dentist should be as pleasant as possible for both your child and you as a parent. To do this, we work with child hypnosis, among other things.

When children are completely immersed in their world of play and fantasy, they find themselves in a trance-like state. It is similar in hypnosis. To achieve this trance-like state, we tell stories, sing songs, do magic or play guessing games. A glittering magic wand is also often included.

Only positive terms are used during the treatment: your teeth are brushed or tickled and you are allowed to fall asleep with the help of colorful dream balls.

Please support us by adhering to our terms and letting us manage your child during treatment. Our goal is to ensure that your child enjoys coming back!

For more extensive procedures, we have the option of supporting your child with the help of laughing gas.

Eine Frau mit einem Kind

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Laughing gas

Fear-free treatment

In modern pediatric dentistry, dental sedation with laughing gas is the international standard. The magic air, a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen, is supplied via a nose mask in which the children can choose their scent.

This also makes treatments possible whose duration would exceed the children’s ability to cooperate. In this state of relaxation, children are often only able to open themselves up to behavioral measures and hypnosis.

Your child is fully responsive throughout the entire treatment and can play or go back to school without restrictions after laughing gas sedation.

The prerequisite for laughing gas analgesia is consistent nasal breathing. Children who have a bad cold or are resistant to it cannot be treated with laughing gas. We will of course be happy to advise you on treatments under anesthesia.

Ein Kind beim Zahnarzt

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Here you have the opportunity to book an appointment with us directly and easily online. This is of course possible for existing as well as new patients and the type of appointment can also be freely selected. Please note that we are elective doctors. Appointments are of course possible for all patients of all health insurance companies.

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