We value your well-being

Every visit to a dental practice is an intimate affair, an invasion of privacy and, for many patients, associated with stress and an uneasy feeling. It is important to us that you feel particularly comfortable. From the friendly team to the bright rooms with comfortable furniture to the stress-free and pain-free dental treatment. We take time for you and your concerns.

The Dental Institute Dr. Burger und Partner is repeatedly mentioned positively in the press and is counted among Austria’s most popular top doctors.

“Painless” treatment

We attach great importance to treating our patients as painlessly as possible. Only those who feel comfortable come back and trust in our professional services. A solution-oriented treatment approach based on a variety of training concepts leads to optimal treatments: Trust must be built – we take the time to do this and start with an initial consultation in normal everyday practice to identify any existing fears.

“Hour without a drill”

You can have a more relaxed conversation outside of practice hours. If desired, also in the presence of a person you trust. In this way, the necessary scope of the treatments can be clearly determined in a relaxed atmosphere and existing fears can be alleviated or allayed.

Maximum comfort and maximum safety
Depending on the type of treatment you choose, we will decide together on a treatment. This can be carried out in general practice with the aid of hypnotherapeutic measures or after a previous examination with general or sleep anesthesia (sedonalgesia) without an inpatient stay. You can find more information about “pain-free and fear-free” treatment at

Individual care

… because we simply enjoy doing it. For you as a person with your very special wishes, needs and fears. Just like for your teeth, which – just like you – are individual and unique. You won’t find standard solutions with us! Our aim is to find the best decisions and treatments for you and your teeth.

Our philosophy of individualized care produces results that delight our patients. This is also reflected in the fact that we are repeatedly recognized in the press.

Insights into the institute


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State-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology for devices and treatment methods – ongoing training and further education from our experienced, perfectly coordinated team guarantee success for the satisfaction of our patients.

Laser treatment

The gentle alternative to the drill

The gentle laser treatment is largely painless and gentle. This means that anesthesia is usually not necessary. This is a relief for all patients – including allergy sufferers who may react sensitively to narcotics. The tooth substance is protected: In contrast to conventional use with a drill, very little healthy tooth substance has to be removed and the tooth remains stable for longer.


Dentures in just one treatment

Anyone who needs dentures is familiar with the procedure, which involves an unpleasant impression in the mouth and the subsequent temporary restoration. With the CAD/CAM method, the tooth is measured within a few minutes using a ceramic 3D measuring camera and a ceramic filling or a crown is also ground from a ceramic block within a few minutes. This can be used immediately. There are no long waiting times and a single appointment in our practice is enough for treatment.

Digital volume tomography

One of the most modern x-ray techniques

Only a reliable diagnosis enables precise planning and efficient treatment. Digital volume tomography (DVT) is currently one of the most modern x-ray techniques and is a milestone in reliable diagnosis. With the help of DVT, three-dimensional x-ray images can be generated, which make the structures clearly visible in relation to each other in terms of their spatial extent and positioning. The radiation exposure of this method is lower than with a conventional two-dimensional X-ray image. According to studies, 3D DVT images produce measurably better results.

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Book an appointment

Here you have the opportunity to book an appointment with us directly and easily online. This is of course possible for existing as well as new patients and the type of appointment can also be freely selected. Please note that we are elective doctors. Appointments are of course possible for all patients of all health insurance companies.

We look forward to seeing you!