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Many people want white teeth. Why? Because it makes them look youthful, vital and attractive. Anyone who has beautiful, bright teeth can talk and laugh freely. Many people look at other people’s mouths first. Anyone who can smile brightly has often already won.


Brighter teeth in 90 minutes

Brighter teeth in 90 minutes “With power bleaching, we are able to gently whiten your teeth in the shortest possible time without damaging the tooth.” – Dentist Oliver Krebes

After detailed advice on the process, implementation and costs, we carry out the bleaching directly in our practice. First, the gums are covered precisely and then the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth.

The blue LED light with a special wavelength acts as a catalyst to achieve the best possible whitening effect. This process is repeated two to three times. A remineralization gel ensures that no hypersensitivity occurs and that the patient can enjoy the bleaching results for a long time. The treatment is carried out by a doctor and an assistant in combination.

With regular, professional teeth cleaning (twice a year), the results can remain stable for years.

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Teeth whitening at home

White teeth in just a few days – With our home bleaching you can gently whiten your teeth at home. Beforehand, we will professionally clean your teeth to achieve the best possible result. The application time is approx. 2-3 weeks – after that your teeth will be significantly whiter, which we can determine using a color scale.

What many people don’t know: Bleaching under the guidance and control of a dentist is extremely safe and your teeth are not damaged in any way! And people with sensitive teeth can also use this method successfully.

Single tooth whitening

Individual teeth bleaching

Due to a blow to the tooth or due to deep tooth decay, individual teeth can become dark in color. These teeth then naturally stand out unpleasantly next to their bright neighbors. We can quickly solve this problem with individual tooth whitening.

The affected tooth, which no longer contains a nerve, is opened from the inside. You don’t feel any of it. It is then cleaned and sealed with a thin layer of cement from the root. Thanks to a highly concentrated bleaching gel, which is filled into the opening and activated with a special light, the tooth is significantly brighter within just 5 minutes. This process is repeated two to three times until the desired brightness is achieved.

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Frequently asked questions

On average, teeth become about seven to nine shades lighter as a result of bleaching. However, the results differ from person to person and depend on the reason for the dark discoloration.

This is easy to do with a so-called color scale. Most people have an average tooth color, labeled A3 on the scale. With bleaching the color B1 or even lighter can be achieved.

The gel for teeth whitening consists of so-called peroxides (hydrogen and carbamide peroxide).

Peroxides are chemical substances that contain oxygen atoms in a special arrangement. When the gel is applied, it breaks down into so-called oxygen radicals, which penetrate into the tooth, break down the disturbing dyes and thus decolorize them. (“Radicals” are particularly effective states of atoms).

It is particularly important that bleaching gels are pH-neutral so as not to damage the tooth structure. Our professional whitening gels contain additives that prevent tooth sensitivity and harden tooth enamel. (ACP)

This is one of the most common questions patients ask about whitening.

The answer is that when teeth whitening is carried out under the supervision and control of the dentist, it is highly safe and in very rare cases there is little irritation to the gums or sensitivity to the teeth. With special products, we can intervene quickly in these complaints and resolve the problems within a few days.

If you try it yourself with over-the-counter whitening products from the Internet or the drugstore, in exceptional cases your teeth can actually suffer damage. This can be particularly the case if:

  • teeth have holes (cavities) or leaky fillings. Through these defects, the whitening agent can penetrate deep into the teeth and irritate the tooth nerve
  • if the whitening agent is not pH-neutral or contains substances that can attack the tooth enamel

The following applies to teeth whitening by the dentist: it is safe! Modern and pH-neutral whitening agents from brand manufacturers even harden tooth enamel and can protect teeth from tooth decay. In addition, the teeth are carefully examined and thoroughly cleaned in the dentist’s office before the whitening begins.

To rule out problems, the dentist must examine your teeth and gums before bleaching. If teeth have holes (cavities), cracks, leaky fillings or defective dentures (crowns and bridges), the whitening agent can penetrate the tooth and damage the tooth nerve. Such critical areas must be treated before teeth whitening.

The same applies to inflamed gums. It could be irritated by the whitening agent. Therefore, whitening may only be carried out if gums are healthy. In addition, the teeth must be professionally cleaned before whitening: if there is still plaque on the teeth, the whitening agent cannot work properly.

From all of this you can see: whitening belongs in the hands of the dentist and should not be done on your own!

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